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Like the color of the turquoise waters around the Maldives, or the dark blue waters off the Mediterranean coast, the eyes of a pretty Swedish girl, or the summer skies... Our blue swimming shorts for men offer you all of that and more. For the same reasons, it is our biggest section, with no less than 27 designs where blue takes center stage. Blue is an omnipresent color around us, it has been a source of inspiration and opened a horizon of multiple compositions, combinations of patterns and colors. Solid colors, stripes, small checks, diamonds, anchors, polka dots, flowers, paisley, starfish and even flamingos against the greeny-blue of the Maldives. We weren't short of ideas when developing this mens swimwear offering in blue. Throughout the world, blue is still men's favorite color, which is why it features on the flags of most countries: peace, virtue, equality, and immortality are all associated with it.

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