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Chic and elegant with a Paisley motif

When you choose paisley, you're undoubtedly choosing the most stylish way to get noticed on the beach. Mens swimwear printed with boteh designs, better known as paisley, that historically embody refinement and luxury. Long used by noblemen as a distinctive sign, on ties or pocket squares, paisley is also the symbol of love in Iran which was the birthplace of this symbol inspired the Chinese yin and yang. It is known as boteh by the Iranians after the name of a mystical and romantic flower. Paisley is a town in Scotland, where Kashmir shawls began to be produced when the pattern, in the shape of a drop of water, became all the rage in the 17th century and the supply from India couldn't keep pace with demand. Today, Paisley is used in many ways, woven, printed and engraved on all types of media, and has to be the pattern with the most variants. Les Loulous de la plage offers two versions of these men's swimming shorts with more or less pronounced patterns.

Newjim 706 - Flocon | Maillot Short de bain homme étoilé bleu et blanc

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