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A combination of red and blue, from lavender to Persian blue, via lilac, there are many shades of purple. Our Jules men's swim shorts are offered here in two plain colors. One in shades of indigo/Persian blue and the other in mauve / lilac / lavender, they will delight you with their deep, attractive coloring. We haven't forgotten lovers of stripes, who will also find a design for them. Dark purple is a royal color associated with wine, while pale purple (like lavender) has a more romantic connotation: (we live in pink, but we dream in purple). This color has become very fashionable again in our homes and all the hardware and interior design stores offer all kinds of products and items of furniture in this color, with an almost infinite number of shades. Whether you love it or hate it, the Milka chocolate cow, with its purple spots, has to be the world's most famous bovine. No other color has been so analyzed, undoubtedly due to the fact that it can be both a hot and a cold color, depending on its intensity. Being both very elegant, refined and casual at the same time is the virtue of our mens swimwear in purple for men.

Montauk 813 - Palma | Maillot Short de bain homme chocolat et beige

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