Suggestion elaborated with a plain fabric

Selection of models made with a PLAIN fabric

We couldn't offer you all these topics without reserving a special place for our collection of men's swim shorts in plain colors. They are so versatile and, by following a few basic rules, they can be paired very easily with numerous other colors. Our wide range will fulfill all your color cravings! Whatever your style: modern with gray, candy pink, Maldives green, or mango orange, classic with elegant royal blue, navy or sky, or punchy with lime green, scarlet, or Persian blue... If you're still hesitating, remember that all our men's swimwear is timeless and never goes out of style. 100% plain or just with a stripe or a small embroidered logo on the hip, there's sure to be a design, a cut, and a color that suits you. For a slightly smarter style, it's much easier to pair shorts in a solid color with a printed, floral, striped, or even a solid tone-on-tone or contrasting shirt.