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This category of men's swimwear shorts with highly colorful tropical motifs is exclusively reserved for celebrities. This design, representing foliage, hibiscus flowers and gardenias, frangipani and palm trees, comes to us straight from Hawaii. It dates back to 1905, when textile producer Alfred Shaheen set up business in Honolulu and was inspired by the lush vegetation growing on this beautiful island. It was the legendary Hawaiian shirt that spread this pattern across the world. These shirts were worn by big celebrities like Elvis Presley in 1961, Frank Sinatra, and the very popular Tom Selleck in the Magnum series, alongside his ever-present red Ferrari. It was Pierre Muraccioli, known as Antoine, and Jean-Chrysostome Dolto, known by his stage name, Carlos, who were the most famous wearers and popularizers of the Hawaiian shirt in France, associating it with vacations, sunshine and surfing. It then became the preserve of the surfing community, until the pattern naturally found its way onto the men's swimwear known as board shorts.

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