Large selection of models in White

Selection of models with WHITE

A pair of men's swim shorts in white is a sign of purity, like snow, brides, angels and even God who is represented in white. It is a refined and noble color that we freely associate with other colors to bring a little gaiety. Architects exploit this color to bring clarity and light to sophisticated minimalist structures. White challenges the world, although it rarely occurs in nature, it is regularly used as part of a dress code, it also represents perfection! Only our Nicky design is offered here in plain white. The Jules, Jim and New Jim designs are available with colorful prints on a mainly white background. White clothing has the advantage of harmonizing perfectly with all other colors, plus the sun will reveal the brightness of your new mens swimwear in white.

Newjim 703 - Estamp | Maillot Short de bain homme rayure et motif bleu et blanc
Montauk 800 - White flowers | Maillot Short de bain homme bleu et blanc

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