Mens swimwear

Models of Men's swimwear

Men's swimwear shorts are today one of the essential items in the summer wardrobe and seen on beaches throughout the world. We've moved from the famous swimming trunks to men's swim shorts in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. That's why, since Les Loulous de la plage brand was created, we do everything we can to please you with quality products featuring exceptional designs and comfort.
It's our magic potion with an original recipe... Some good ideas, unique expertise, and especially the desire to create beachwear jewels! Because guys have the right to look handsome and sexy in men's swimwear too.
Male bathing attire has changed a lot since the beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, before the democratization of sea-bathing that came with the arrival of paid vacations in 1936, men were very modest. For swimming, they wore a sort of knitted bodysuit that covered almost all of the body and which was usually striped. This outfit replaced the swimming dress that was worn previously and imposed by the British to hide their private parts. The growth of swimming in the 50s gave rise to the Topper, that is modern swimming trunks, which were much more convenient for swimming.
At the end of the 70s, under the influence of surfing culture, longer swimming trunks appeared that resulted in the famous swim shorts known as boardshorts now with a definite surfing vibe.
Les Loulous de la plage wants to create a whole world via their mens swimwear: In Les Loulous family, I'd like the New Jim in blue forest...). They areall as attractive as each other, refined, modern designs adapted to the way you live day after day.