Mens swim board short

Men's swimming board shorts Collection

Les Loulous de la plage: a trusted brand established in 1965 with quality standards designed to surprise you with each new collection. We offer you unique, highly colorful designs. From traditional men's swim shorts in plain colors to those with a wide range of patterns, plus on-trend, funky neons just waiting to make you the man to watch on the beaches! The creation of our designs is the work of artists. Give us a palette of colors and materials and we'll make you classy, fashionable mens swimwear.
These new masterpieces for the summer will be your constant companions, whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or on your yacht, you'll find your dream design in our collection. We offer a wide range of luxurious men's swimming shorts consisting of seven designs, featuring original cuts, available in many patterns and in highly fashionable colors.
The Jules board short designs have been a great classic for over 30 years - the hard-wearing Jim sportswear shorts - the John iconic James Bond shorts - the Joris with their retro chic style - the Nicky with an English tailoring vibe - the Jazz - the Moréa with its sporty lines.
A short, fitted cut which has become very fashionable again, because of the board shorts created and worn by surfers. This is the new generation of men's swim short that will dominate the beaches this summer. They look just as good in town and there are multiple designs with a comfortable fit, and side pockets. The combination of fabrics and colors makes them walkshorts and swimming shorts that are full of originality to wear as you please!

A bit of history about mens swim shorts: men had to wait until 1932 to remove the tops of their swimsuits, (and believe it or not, until then, swimsuits were unisex and also covered men's torsos) which provoked a great deal of reaction from well-meaning associations, outraged by this lack of modesty. For once, the clothing audacity of the swimming short, came to Europe from the United States. A former Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller (1904— 1984), burst onto the big screen in the role of Tarzan. Finally, he took his top off, because a savage raised by apes, isolated in the heart of the African forest, wouldn't actually have worn a swimming costume with straps, which would look too feminine. Although far from being a board short, in France, and despite the high-waisted shorts made of wool, carefully knotted and laced at the sides, men could now show off their pecs. It was only in 1970 that Fred Prysquel, another Frenchman (as in the story of the triangel bikini, designed and invented by the talented designer Louis Réart, who gave the swimsuit its name five days after the nuclear test on "BIKINI" atoll which is located to the north of the Marshall Islands) used the checkered tablecloth to make the very first board swim short, while dining at the "Sénéquier", a renowned restaurant. We have selected the finest fabrics from well-known suppliers for you, and we have designed different cuts so we can offer a wide range of mens swimming shorts. As with our bikinis for women, the manufacture, finishes, and quality of the meticulous work will enable you to enjoy our collection to the full. In this category, you will see all of our mens board shorts which we have been manufacturing since 1965. The models we offer are designed in France on the Côte d'Azur, where our creators' inspiration is assisted by the sunshine, the Mediterranean and the mildness of the climate. A range of swimming shorts and boardshorts offering a wide choice of cuts and colors, delivered within 48 hours.