Wide range of models in Black

Range of models with BLACK

In this category, you'll find our entire range of men's swimming shorts in black. Black is a characterful color that's very easy to wear. In clothing terms, black represents elegance, luxury and sobriety. Along with white, it is among the great essential classics. Black has very high-end connotations and has the power to enhance whatever else you are wearing. Unlike the Europeans, the Japanese consider black to be a joyful color, and it's even worn at weddings. Because a new collection is developed every year, we may not be offering black but have nevertheless decided to include all our very dark designs in this section, including our very dark navy blue men's swimwear.

Montauk - Optical Print | Maillot Short de bain homme vert kaki bleu
Montauk 701 - Vichy | Maillot Short de bain homme carreaux bleu noir et blanc
Montauk 2981 - Classic fit | Maillot Short de bain homme taupe uni
Montauk 2900 - Classic fit | Maillot Short de bain homme bleu pétrole uni

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