Our Vichy checkered offer

A classic offer with VICHY tiles

In this classic category, you will see our mens swimwear in gingham checks that are known and loved all over the world. The origin of this pattern is still much discussed in France to this day, where it is known as Vichy, referring to the city of Vichy in the heart of the volcanoes of the Auvergne, but another version refers to (toile de Guingamp) which was made in Brittany, along the Trieux River. What is certain is that in the UK, Vichy is known as gingham from Guingamp and in the Netherlands it is known as Brabants bont. In fact, as a classic checkered pattern, it often features green or blue intersecting lines on a white background forming squares from 2 to 15 mm. It is used in both clothing and furniture, and Les Loulous de la plage offer you a swim short in a1 mm gingham check for the New Jim, a 3 mm check for the Jules in blue and green, and 5 mm for Jules in a slightly crinkled blue.

Montauk 808 - Optiv | Maillot Short de bain homme vert et blanc
Montauk 701 - Vichy | Maillot Short de bain homme carreaux bleu noir et blanc
Montauk 804 - Red square | Maillot Short de bain homme rouge et blanc

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